Taking Music on the Internet by Storm!

How it All Started....

It was a dark and stormy night....

Okay, so it wasn't so dark, and it wasn't so stormy. But
Midnight Rain Productions and it's project web site, RainMusic.com did come about as a result of the stormy persistence of one independent musician, pianist David Nevue.

In 1995, David created what would now be considered a generic web site to sell his solo piano music. Although he found little success at first, he became determined to find a better way to introduce his music to new people. This resulted in a new site in 1996 called
PianoForte, a pianist resource center designed to introduce a pre-targeted audience to David's piano music. This site was a moderate success, and sales improved.

Throughout 1996, Nevue continued to experiment with marketing strategies until he stumbled upon an idea that generated several CD orders in a single week. For the next few months David continued to refine and develop his marketing ideas.

By the fall of 1997, CD sales were coming in at a regular pace. After two years of trial, error, and experimentation, Nevue's music promotion strategies had proven themselves. David was selling dozens of CDs online each month. Knowing his promotion ideas could save other musicians a great deal of time, effort and money, Nevue wrote and published the first edition of
How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet, a guide to internet music promotion.

By 1999, the RainMusic.com project expanded to include The Music Biz Academy, a web site Nevue developed to both market his book and to help other musicians find success online. He also started selling sheet music downloads of his original solo piano compositions... making him one of the first independent musicians to offer sheet music from his own web site. By 2000, David was bringing in as much income from his music business on the Internet as he was working at his day job. So he saved up a year's salary, and in November 2001, quit his job to do music full time.

David was always looking for new ways to promote his music. One area he couldn't get a lot of traction in was radio... there just weren't many radio stations playing contemporary piano music. So, he created his own. In 2003, David founded Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio, an internet radio broadcast featuring solo piano music exclusively. It was the first and only broadcast of it's kind (solo piano) for many years and David used it as a platform to promote his own particular brand of piano music.

2005 was the year David started touring regularly. Prior to this point, David would play concerts locally (though rarely), but never really tried branching out. He had built up a mailing list of thousands of fans who had ordered music from him over the years. So he targeted one area of the U.S. for a tour and sent out an email blast to his fans in that area asking them if they'd want a David Nevue concert in their home, church, or school...  using this method, he booked his first tour using only his fan list.

Today, Nevue continues to build on his online music success. Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio continues to grow, broadcasting his (and others) piano music to tens of thousands of listeners every single day (the stream is launched over a million times a month). David now tours the U.S. four or five times a year.  

David Nevue's music is heard by tens of thousands of listeners every day via Whisperings Radio, SiriusXM, Spotify, Pandora - all via the Internet. Nevue is just one more example of how, in today's digital world, an artist does NOT need a major label recording contract to have a successful career as a musician.