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Piano Lessons on the Internet:
Looking for piano lessons to take over the internet? How about a few good tips on playing the piano? Need a piano teacher or instructor? We've scoured the net to find the best online lessons, teacher guides and piano playing tips!

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Piano Practive Methods Home Page
This keyboard study by professor Brent Hugh contains a vast collection practice ideas observed over many years of piano playing, teaching, and learning. The object of this study is, of course, a discussion of how to improve learning time and accuracy. One interesting idea pointed out in the article is that a practice technique useful when learning Bach may not help you much with Debussy. So how do you know how best to approach a piece? This study demonstrates some great ideas, in an easy to read and easy to do fashion. Techniques include
Section Practice, Whole-Part-Whole, Finger Groups, Metronome and many, many more. Very good reading. Piano teachers and students will find the site very informative. Reviewed 10/22/98.

Play Piano for a Living? Advice from Kathie Nicolet
Chicago Area Pianist, Kathie Nicolet, has earned the reputation as one of Chicago's most respected corporate entertainers. She's a full-time pianist, and she's informed us that she'd be happy to offer others advice on how to make a living playing the piano. Reviewed 5/8/2000

Playing From Memory: FAQ
A complete "how to" guide to playing music on the piano from memory. Very detailed and quite useful.

PrivateLessons.com is a fantastic resources for any performing musician, music student or teacher. Not only can you as a studient easily locate a private music teacher in your area, but if you are a professional teacher, you can review a number of music teaching jobs available across the country. Musicians, if you are available to play weddings, receptions, or other events be sure to add your resume to their searchable database. Other features include a daily spotlight of concerts and festivals, and very active forums for the discussion of music teaching techniques, music study, and the exchange of ideas. PrivateLessons is a top-notch site, one any music student or teacher will find appealing. Reviewed 8/3/98.

Sight-Read Any Music! Ten Free Tips...
Here are ten quick steps to better sight reading. Each step, though simple in itself, will take some time to master. With focused attention on each of these during your practice time, you should see marked improvement in a comparitively short period of time.
Reviewed 7/10/99

StonaLink's Music Competition Database
Want to test your skills against the professionals? This exhaustive database of music competitions, searchable by medium, country, competition level and type offers enough competition to keep you busy all year long. For example, just searching for Piano competitions, we came up with 432 current listings from all over the world. Detailed information for each competition is available, including website address, email address and full contact information with telephone numbers. Listing are sorted alphabetically with eligibility requirements and application due date. Great source for those with the competitive spirit. Reviewed 01/20/2000

Sonatina: Piano Camp
The Sonatina Piano Camp (featured in Noah Adam's book,
Piano Lessons: Music, Love & True Adventures) is one of the more truly unique ways for pianists to spend a "vacation." Here you can get away from everything to focus on piano and only piano. Pianists from all over the world gather four times a year at the camp in Bennington, Vermont to spend quality time with the experienced camp faculty discussing such topics as theory, composition, ear training, memorization, teaching ideas, technique, sight-reading and improvisation. All levels of pianists, from beginners to professionals, are welcome.

Virtual Music School
At the Virtual Music School you'll find free online piano lessons as well as a very detailed look at the instrument. Check out their articles on grand piano action, tone and touch and buying a piano. Don't miss the 'Virtual Piano.' Reviewed 11/5/99.

Alfred Publishing: Piano Methods
Alfred Publishing has something of interest for every pianist, and there's quite a lot of original material here. Check out the Piano Student Starter Kit, The Sheet Music Club, The "Teach Yourself" series, and any of a number of great piano software selections. This is a classy site, very professionally done. Recommended visiting. Reviewed 3/18/99.

Dealing With Tendinitis
The last thing a pianist who has tendinitis wants to hear is "Stop playing and rest." Very often the pianist will go into denial and keep playing—leading to more aggravation and greater injury. This article by Richard Prokop, author of
Piano Power, offers some encouragement and advice to pianists struggling with this malady. Reviewed 5/1/2000.

Easy Chord Construction Formulas
Chords are really a series of fingering patterns, and once you understand the four primary chords, you can then easily build all other complex chords. This article focuses on teaching the differences between major, minor, diminished and augmented thirds and how mastering each one provides the building blocks for better composition, performance, chord-reading and accompaniment.
Reviewed 7/10/99.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice 
This web page is a promotional site for a fascinating book entitled "Fundamentals of Piano Practice." The practice methods presented are descended directly from a line of students using the teaching methods employed by Franz Liszt. The book focuses on developing fingering techniques to help students learn to cope with fast or difficult music passages. Very intriguing story behind the book. Worth visiting if only for that. Updated 07/24/2000

Happy Note!: Music Theory Game for Kids or Adults
Designed by licensed music teachers, Happy Note! is a real computer game with all the bells and whistles that allows children and adults to learn musical notation while playing. It's both fun and educational. Happy Note! can be incredibly easy or it can be very difficult: whether you're a child or an adult, a beginner or an experienced player, you can customize the game to fit your needs and skill level. Say good bye to boring music theory lessons, now you can play and learn at the same time. Happy Note is a shareware program which you can download from the above URL to try out completely free. Reviewed 1/27/2000

Interactive Piano Knows the Score....
From an article in the Seattle Times (link above).....
A piano you can plug in to a telephone line? Yep, it's here, and it looks just like your typical grand piano with the exception of a touch-controlled, 10.4-inch computer screen where the sheet music holder usually sits. Piano students who'd like to take online piano lessons can call up an on-screen music teacher to guide them through their lessons. Notes are displayed on the screen as music is played; students then play the notes back and follow along with the song. The interactive piano also has a built-in modem, so players can connect to an on-line "music mall" that provides technology updates, sheet music, and new songs and playing styles. Reviewed 9/3/99.

Lessons 4 You
Here you'll find a unique approach to taking 'piano lessons on the internet. Essentially, this approach mimics using a real teacher except that everything is done 'virtually' online. You start by purchasing
Alfred's Adult Piano Book and paying your $25 fee for 10 lessons. You then receive a password which lets you take lessons at your own pace. The sample lesson posted online shows how this is done through the use of RealAudio, diagrams, and written instruction. You record your progress on cassette (5 lessons at a time), and mail it to the instructor, who then critiques you and offers suggestions. You can ask the instructor questions any time via email. Reviewed 2/17/2000.

The Mayron Cole Piano Method
A resource for piano teachers or students, Mayron Cole's piano teaching products combine music theory, scales, music history, rhythm workouts, practice sheets and performance music into one large book rather than in three or four smaller books (how convenient!). View the 'Muse News' for sample pages or the complete catalog for books, videos, and other materials related to this teaching method. Reviewed 4/10/2000.

MusicStaff: Music Teacher Search
MusicStaff is a free resource of considerable value to any musician looking for a music teacher, music school or lessons. Currently, MusicStaff represents over 6000 teachers across the country all indexed in their database searchable by zip code, instrument or name. Teachers, be sure to visit the Teachers lounge for ongoing discussions and articles of interest. Nice layout, great look, and easy to navigate. Updated 7/17/2000.

Piano teachers, check this out. NotationStation lets you publish your lessons online for your students....absolutely free! This point-and-click method of putting your lessons online makes taking lessons fun and interactive for your students. NotationStation features MusicTime Online, a full-featured online notation program that's free to use. This software allows you to see your lessons played back with correct fingering on virtual instruments. The site includes full tutorials and guides to help get you quickly up to speed. Reviewed 09/11/2000.

Are you interested in taking live piano music lessons from the comfort of your home? With the teacher of your choice? Then check out OnlineConservatory.com. Regardless of the style of music you are interested in, you'll find something that meets your needs. All you need to get started is a MIDI compatible keyboard, a computer and an internet connection. The software required for the lesson is provided to you free by OnlineConservatory. 08/14/2000

Parakeet Publications: E-Studio
If you're a music teacher, Parakeet's E-Studio software is a must see. E-Studio is a database application available either via CD-ROM or via the Web (yes, they have an online interface!) which allows you to track all kinds of information quickly. Manage and track your students, lesson payments, expenses, performance dates and income. E-Studio includes a reporting function (unpaid lessons, performances, student bills, report cards, lesson finder and more) as well as a calender to keep track of upcoming events. Try out the free online demo. Reviewed 4/8/99.

Pianists Pain Prevention Tips
This helpful article shows how proper fingering, preparation and relaxation contribute to a pain free piano playing experience. Reviewed 7/10/99

Piano on the Net - Piano Nanny
Piano on the Net is a free online service that teaches piano, music, and jazz lessons. It is the original free online piano and music lesson course established online in February of 1994. Piano on the Net has won many awards and has been featured on the NBC Nightly News (June 1998), CNN (October 1997), and in WebMaster (now CIO) Magazine (August 1997).

Piano Lessons: Music, Love & True Adventures
This book, by NPR's Noah Adams, journals the authors experience during his first 12 months learning to play the piano. The above link takes you to an article written about Noah and his book on USA Today online. The book is well worth reading. It is both inspiring and witty, and of course there's always something to learn from another pianist.

Piano Power: Improving Your Technique
Piano Power is a helpful series of piano books designed to help pianists who, because of physical limitations, have reached a plateau in their development. The book is written for pianists, organists, and digital keyboardists, and is endorsed by a number of respected musicians, composers, and teachers. With Piano Power you can learn to identify specific fingers that are not up to par, understand the relationship between technique and synchronization, and learn to improve your technique while decreasing your practice time. Piano Power offers a scientific regimen that uses specific exercises at and away from the piano to tone muscles in the hands and forearms to improve reach and function. Reviewed 8/28/2000.

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While the Trees Sleep
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