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Pianist Reference Library:
Our pianist reference library features recent reviews of carefully selected pianist resources, including piano related books and videos, advice on buying and maintaining a piano, piano FAQ's, piano related injuries, reviews of piano software and much more!

Latest Review added here 10/16/2000. Check our Pianists Guide to the Internet for this weeks featured site!

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Pierce Piano Books and Services 
Pierce Piano Atlas is THE book for pianists looking for information on pianos. The tenth edition has been authoritatively expanded, enlarged and updated to include over 12,000 names providing ready reference to serial numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of some manufacturers and other pertinent information. The Atlas is the most complete and authoritative compilation of factual, historical piano knowledge ever published. Also available at the site: decals for pianos, and piano history and age services. Added 03/05/2003.

Piano Internet Resources FAQ
This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list for Piano-related Internet Resources. This document contains references to Internet resources which are piano-related or of likely interest to piano players. It is intended to answer questions of the type "Where can I find **** on the Internet?" In this listing preference is given to information sources created by educational institutions, non-profit organizations and voluntary efforts. Some commercial sources are included at the authors' discretion because of their interest to piano players, especially those hard-to-find items (piano rolls, piano parts, etc.). Updated 10/23/2000.

Piano Sonata's Mail Order Shop
If you're looking to purchase a collection of great piano music, check out this mail order shop. This shop, run from Seoul, Korea, featured boxed collections of CDs and LPs from numerous Russian Pianists, including Richter, Nikolaeva, Pletnev, Bermann, Kissin, Bunin and other famous and historial pianists. The music includes all the greats and frankly, the prices are outstanding. Each box of 30 CDs sells for $210, and you can mix or match the CD's from the various boxes to create your own collection if you like. Scores to accompany the music are also availabe. Reviewed 10/29/98.

Piano World
Piano World is arguably the #1 "starting point" on the internet for piano music lovers. You can find just about any information you want here about pianos. Want to know what your piano is worth? How old it is? Where to buy your piano? You can find it all here. If you're searching for a tuner, teacher, dealer, or restorer, Piano World is a great place to start. Piano World also has easy access to it's own piano supply store, an online "Piano Exchange" bulletin board for buying and selling pianos, a chat room, piano "Picture and Graphics" pages and more. If fact, it's difficult to think of something this does doesn't have. This site keeps growing, both in popularity and the value of the content. One of our personal favorites. Highly recommended. Updated 09/18/2000.

Piano Software / Music Software Reviews
A comprehensive review of piano and music software titles from The Piano Education Page. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take their music arrangements into the technical age. If you are unsure of which software to look into, these in-depth reviews may give you the information you need to proceed with confidence. Reviewed 10/09/2000.

The Romantic Piano
Fans of modern, romantic piano music might want to stop the Romantic Piano page, a recent and welcome addition to the world of 'piano music' on the net. The site is dedicated to today's contemporary pianists, and you'll find album reviews and interviews with such well known figures as Suzanne Ciani, Jeff Bjork, and Robin Spielberg. The site is just getting off the ground, but even so, any site that puts it's focus on the artist is very much appreciated by this pianist. Reviewed 1/6/2000

The U.K. Piano Page
If you live in the U.K., then bookmarking this page is a must. You'll find lists of piano tuners, teachers, manufacturers, part makers, piano tuning colleges, and music societies all in the U.K. Of course, there are other features of interest on the site, including information on piano construction, the history of the piano, and a great list of online resources for piano tuners and rebuilders. Reviewed 9/24/98.

The Virtual Piano Museum
A walk through the "Virtual" piano museum is quite educational. The site provides a brief overview of the development of the piano throughout history using both pictures and instructional information copied with permission from
Piano, A Photographic History of the World's Most Celebrated Instrument, by David Crombie. Learn about the Cristofori piano, the Viennese pianos, square pianos and bizarre experimental piano designs through history! Rather a unique site, nicely designed and well worth a visit. Updated 10/16/2000.

The Wedding Music Information Source
Although the Wedding Music Information Source is targeted to couples looking for wedding music and performers, we feel the site may be of interest to pianists as well. Pianists who regularly play weddings may be interested in checking out the
Ultimate Catalog of Wedding Music which WMIS offers. This catalog lists hundreds of music selections by title, composer/arranger and publisher. Musicians who perform in weddings may find this catalog a great resource. Lastly, WMIS maintains a regional list of musicians who specialize in wedding music. For a small fee, you can add your name to the growing list. Reviewed 9/17/98.

A free listing service for accompanists, pianists, organists, and keyboardists. List yourself or search for an accompanist by region. Reviewed 3/31/2000

American Music Company
AMC specializes in the restoration of upright and grand pianos dating from the 1890's to the 1920's. For those interested in the Yamaha Disklavier or PianoDisc systems, AMC can also convert your existing piano into a PianoDisc player. The AMC site also features a complete PianoDisc and Disklavier music catalogs. Reviewed 8/17/98.

Apion 1
Apion 1 is a pianist resource that UK residents in particular should take notice of. You'll find concert listings for pianists in the UK as well as recommended piano services, technicians, piano related news, and a list of who's teaching at which colleges. Also be sure to check out The Piano Studio, where experienced concert pianists offers advice on matters such as fingering, phrasing, programming and related issues. Reviewed 07/03/2000.

Buying and Maintaining a Piano FAQ
This is the Piano Purchasing and Maintenance FAQ Frequently Asked Questions) list for the newsgroup rec.music.makers.piano. This FAQ list is intended to present information regarding purchasing new or used pianos, and general maintenance issues which are frequently raised in rec.music.makers.piano. It is posted every month. Updated 4/15/99

Center for Promotion of Contemporary Composers
Serious composers will find a lot to like at CPCC, particularly the opportunities regularly posted to this site. Find information on competitions, faculty openings, performers/ensembles seeking works, professional organizations, grants, scholarships, conferences and more. Access to the information at CPCC is free, though a membership is available for $12 a year which includes other benefits. Reviewed 1/21/99.

The Classical MIDI Collection
If you have an interest in MIDI music, don't pass up this vast collection of classical music. MIDI libraries include Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Twentieth Century and a whole lot more. Search by composer, style, or just browse. This very attractive site also provides instructions and online support for listening to compositions in the MIDI library as well as an online reference guide to publications on sequencing and MIDI basics. The Classical MIDI Collection is probably one of the finest online collections we've seen. Don't miss it! Reviewed 12/31/98.

Digital Piano FAQ
They aren't quite the craze they used to be, but digital pianos are still a great purchase option for those in the right circumstances. This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list for rec.music.makers.piano regarding digital pianos. Items covered include everything from the advantages to buying a digital piano to where you can get the best deals. Updated version posted every month. Reviewed 4/29/99

General Piano FAQ 
This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list for the newsgroup rec.music.makers.piano. This FAQ list is intended to present general topics frequently addressed in rec.music.makers.piano. Lots of good information, though the last time the FAQ was updated was October of 1997. Still, much of the information is general in nature and still very applicable to today's internet audience. Topics include playing from memory, improving sight-reading, repetitive stress injury, digital pianos, player pianos, music score companies and more. Updated 07/31/2000.

Keyboard Online 
Keyboard Online is the official web site for Keyboard Magazine. Each edition contains some fantastic features and interviews with today's biggest keyboard players, as well as numerous articles on composition, keyboard technology, and product reviews. Top notch site that's easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Great for acoustic and electronic players alike. Updated 08/07/2000.

Musicians and Injuries 
Many musicians deal with sore joints, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and even the elusive fibromyalsia, but few musicians really talk about it. This site is essentially a list of resource for musicians suffering these conditions. Updated 04/25/2012
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