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Piano Technicians: Piano Tuning, Repair and Technical Tools:
Recommended resources for the piano technician including instruction, live chat, and piano related software.

Historical Tunings on the Modern Concert Grand

This interesting article from the U.K. piano page provides a brief history on tuning and "Temperament." Temperament involves the process and result of making slight changes to the pitches of a pure musical scale, so that the octave may be conveniently divided into a usable number of notes and intervals. Throughout history, there have been several different approaches taken to temperament. Different temperaments create different sounds, and in most cases, tuning in one direction creates a sacrifice to tuning in another. Fascinating reading for those interested in the workings and history of their instrument. Reviewed 7/24/99

The Piano Doctor: Piano Tuning and Repair
For those of a more 'mechanical' persuasion, the Piano Doctor offers a number of tips and tricks about keeping your piano in fine condition. Articles, both short and long, include information on regulation, voicing, humidity, and getting your piano appraised. Reviewed 11/18/99

Piano Technicians Guild Homepage
The Piano Technicians Guild is a non-profit association of piano technicians. however, whether or not you are a piano technician you are bound to find useful information at the Guild. The PTG site is loaded with great information, both technical and non-technical, including tips on buying a piano, information on upcoming conventions, and of course an index of registered piano technicians listed by state or province. PTG is also a virtual linkfest which makes it a great starting point for anyone looking for general information about pianos on the net. Reviewed 8/24/98.

Piano Technicians Live Chat
Join piano technicians on Tuesday nights for a live chat.

The Pianoforte Tuners' Association
The Pianoforte Tuners Association (U.K. based), is dedicated to improving standards within the piano industry. PTA was founded in 1913, and since that time their membership has continued to grow steadily. The PTA site features a couple of articles on purchasing and caring for a piano, as well as a searchable database of PTA approved piano tuners and technicans in the U.K. Reviewed 10/1/98.

Software Solutions for Piano Technicians  (last reviewed 6/29/98)
Reyburn Piano Services features a number of unique tools for the professional piano tuner. CyberTuner is their flagship product and it contains a ton of useful features. A video demo is available and instructional classes taught across the US and Canada. Other products include their piano service manager which makes for easy scheduling, invoicing, and customer care. Rayburn continues to provide some innovative tools for the piano professional.

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