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Sheet Music Resources on the Net:
This page lists our recommended online sheet music resources, including places to find and purchase piano books, sheet music publishers and wedding music.

Listed Alphabetically starting with the letter 'S'....
(starting letters rotate periodically to give all sites equal exposure)

Sebelius: Music Notation Software
Sibelius is a highly regarded music notation software program for Mac and Windows. It helps you write, play, scan, edit and print scores, and even publish them on the Internet (currently the only end-to-end solution that provides this feature). Sebelius can handle all kinds of music, from early vocal music (it supports all C clefs) to avant guarde orchestral music. To see Sibelius in action, download the
free demo version. If you prefer, Sebelius will send you a brochure with a demo on CD. Reviewed 7/8/2000.

Sheet Music Direct
Sheet Music Direct is yet another online resource for pianists seeking sheet music. Like other Internet music services, SHD provides downloadable software (called the MusicPage viewer) to allow you to view sample test pages of all the music from their web site. SMD has a searchable database of their music, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and without any hassle. They have quite a selection, including popular music such as
My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic Soundtrack and Candle in the Wind by Elton John. Songbooks Resource offers musicians a great number of "how to" books and videos, however visitors to this page may be most interested in their wide selection of songbooks for piano and guitar. Songbooks are grouped alphabetically by group/artist making it very easy to find exactly what you want. Stagepass features songbooks by a large variety of popular artists. Reviewed 5/9/99.

Sunhawk Corporation: Digital Music Publisher
Here is one of the more innovative web based sheet music companies we've run into. Not only does Sunhawk have an extensive sheet music catalog (Jewell, Celtic Music, John Williams, etc.), once you download their software you can immediately preview any of their digital sheet music by clicking the title of the composition you wish to see and hear. Within seconds, the first page of the selected composition appears and with an additional push of a button the music plays! That's not all; you can alter the tempo by means of a slider bar and change the "Instrument" playing the music. Using this method, you can view and hear the the first page of any sheet music in their catalog before you purchase. If you are a composer, you'll be glad to hear that Sunhawk also accepts independent music for review for addition to their catalog. See the site for more details.

Tapestry Music
Tapestry is a Canadian music dealer specializing in piano music from Alfred, Bastien, Faber, Royal Conservatory and other publishers. The site features a searchable database of sheet music (Brass, Jazz, Piano & Educational) and they offer everything from piano method books to classical and popular music. With the current Canadian/US dollar exchange rate, their prices are quite reasonable, plus Tapestry offers a 15% discount to teachers on all orders. Order by mail or via a Toll Free number. Reviewed 12/10/98.

The Wedding Music Information Source
Although the Wedding Music Information Source is targeted to couples looking for wedding music and performers, we feel the site may be of interest to pianists as well. Pianists who regularly play weddings may be interested in checking out the
Ultimate Catalog of Wedding Music which WMIS offers. This catalog lists hundreds of music selections by title, composer/arranger and publisher. Musicians who perform in weddings may find this catalog a great resource. Lastly, WMIS maintains a regional list of musicians who specialize in wedding music. For a small fee, you can add your name to the growing list.

Wolfmusic Publications
Wolfmusic may be of interest to pianists looking for hard to find sheet music, specifically the piano sonatas of composer Muzio Clementi (1752-1832) who is featured at the site. Muzio was one of the first to create keyboard works expressly for the capabilities of the pianoforte. Of the more than 100 piano sonatas composed by Clementi, fewer than half are currently available in modern notation. Wolfmusic offers a volume of his music, the first in a series devoted to their publication. Reviewed 12/2/98.

Allegro Music Online
Featuring sheet music and books, you'll find a lot to choose from at Allegro Music. Categories include classical, sacred piano and organ, popular, broadway, and vocal music. Also featured are piano method books, and Suzuki method materials. Reviewed 8/24/98.

Amazing Music World
Innovation is the word that comes to mind after visiting Amazing Music World. This creatively designed site features downloadable and printable sheet music in all genres for all levels. Their Amazing Sheet Music Library features music by all the great composers, and can be searched by composer, title, or instrument. Samples are available for every piece. Once you've selected the music you wish to purchase, you can download it directly to your own printer. Within minutes you can have the music on your stand, and start playing. In addition to sheet music, check out the 'Amazing Metronome,' a free downloadable tool with a wide range of time signatures, adjustable tempo settings, and a selection of sampled percussion sounds. Other free musicians tools are in the works. Well worth a visit, if only to tour the site. Reviewed 8/19/99

Daly Music
Michael Daly's site features a very nice selection of piano sheet music (some free), plus an online piano lesson studio. Check out their free software demos.

Encore Music Company
Encore Music specializes in Sheet Music for a large number of instruments. The really nice thing about Encore's site is how well indexed it is. It's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Sheet music is sorted by instrument, then by "topic", such as Disney, Broadway, Television, Jazz, Classical, Children's and so on. The link above takes you right to their Piano Music index.

Express Music Professional Music Fonts
EMS has developed three music fonts used by their most experienced professional music copyists. The fonts, perfect for music transcription, are available for purchase online. Samples are available online.
Included with each purchase is a PDF character map of each font. Reviewed 09/04/2000.

The Internet Music Shop
The Internet Music Shop is highly recommended for those pianists looking for sheet music. Not only can you purchase sheet music online and download it immediately, plenty of
free sheet music is available for download. Top notch site, easy to navigate and nice to look at.

Jozart Music
We review a lot of pianist sheet music sources here at, but Jozart Music continues to be one of our favorites. Why? While most sheet music publisher offer variations of the same old sheet music, at Jozart's you'll find something just a little bit different. For example, check out
Keyspace, "new age sounds for early grades", Thrashing the Classics, containing Jazz solos for intermediate grades, Christmas Jazz Melodies, For Kids by Kids and more. Each of these piano study books can also be purchased along with tapes demostrating the music. In addition to piano music books Jozart's now features an online jazz course, which offers some helpful tips particularly for those using his materials. If you're tired of playing the same old songs, check out your other option at Joe's place. Reviewed 6/26/99.

Jump! Music
Here's another resource for those of you looking for sheet music to today's popular tunes (Titanic Soundtrack, Grease, Le Miserables). Jump! has a huge online collection consisting of over 5 million pages of sheet music searchable by instrument or music style. Also available; guitar tablature and music software. Jump! Music offers a very easy and friendly sheet music shopping experience. One of the better online music stores.

Maestronet Conservatory
Another great site for anyone looking for sheet music. Maestronet's sheet music is sorted by difficulty as well as by instrument, and their layout makes it very easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Free sheet music and midi samples are available.

Merek Royce Press: Music Transcription
Here is another talented, but inexpensive music transcription service for pianists. Transcription rates start at .50 cents per measure, with discounts offered for mulitiple works or entire albums. $100 minimum order. Reviewed 5/29/2000.

Music Notation Software
Want to find information about music notation software but don't know where to begin? This single page is a good starting point, linking to most every notation package available.
Reviewed 6/19/2000.

PianoSpot, a subsidiary of
Encore Music, is a site dedicated to marketing sheet music for piano only. Their selection is huge and features popular items such as the Titanic soundtrack, Elton John, Jim Brickman, you name it. Sheet music is catagorized by style (Broadway, Pop, TV & Film, Disney) making it extremely easy to find anything. You can order online, by fax, or via their 800 number. PianoSpot is easy to navigate, easy to search, and just plain easy to use. Highly recommended.

If you know of any other sheet music resources not listed here that you'd like to recommend please let us know.

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